JSSR Auction Summary: June 2015



Total number of auction items in June decreased from last months’, making it the 3rd consecutive month to see declining number of items. However, the number of bidders increased from both the locals and internationals.

The situation on the weak Thai Baht and the economy is still uncertain, causing consignors to be unclear about increasing the consignment items in this period. Machines that sell well are mostly due to the buying power from the neighboring countries for export. Thus, the proportion of items being exported is expected to increase which is also according to the needs of the growing investment sector.

This month price is highly volatile, mainly because of the decrease demands in the agriculture sector, the industrial sector in general, the transport sector-cargo handling and general construction of the property sector.

Price adjusted down significantly in the forklifts category as well as all types of agriculture equipments.

Still receiving some demands are machines for road repair work, dredging works such as Tire Roller, Asphalt Paver, new model Excavator and Long reach excavator.

Miscellaneous items, engines spare parts and truck attachments prices fell steadily, except for handling equipments, underground water drills, boats, jet skis, drills, lathe machines, truck mounted cranes.

June auction result compares to May’s

1-5 tons Excavators’ prices show no significant change.

7-13 tons Excavators’ prices adjusted down about 5-10%.

20 tons Excavators prices continue to decrease.

Wheel Loaders of all sizes prices decrease by about 10-15%.

Farming Tractors and other agriculture equipment such as harvesters, hand guide tractors, rice planters, rice binders prices decline steadily.

Forklifts of all sizes and brands, prices continue to fall.

Civil work equipment prices show no significant change.

Buying power for miscellaneous items in general steadily decline, but still gains buying power from neighboring countries.

Our company is still confident in the government’s solutions to help bring the economy to achieve a smooth recovery.  :)

[This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only which may differ from the general market]

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