JSSR Auction Analysis: July 2013

Auction ResultJSSR Auction Results Analysis:

This analysis is calculated based on the lump sum bid prices of total items in each category,
not the bid prices on individual items.
This analysis is an overall assessment of JSSR Auction results only.

Auction results for July 2013 reflected higher preference for equipment
in good ready-to-job-site conditions over lower pricing.
Bidders are willing to offer higher price for equipment in better conditions.

Comparison between July 2013 and June 2013 auction results are made with
respect to price per unit in type and model, number of equipment and conditions (on average).

Excavator size 1-3 ton show slight decline in prices depending on conditions of the equipment,
There is no significant change in price.

Excavator size 4-6 ton prices increased in ready-to-job site conditions.
There is no significant price change for equipment in general conditions.
This reflects constant demand for this type of equipment in the market.

Excavator size 10-12 ton show no significant change in prices.
This reflects constant demand for this type of equipment in the market.

Excavator size 20-50 ton show slight declined in prices by 10-20%.
This depends on demands and conditions of the equipment.

Wheel loader prices rebounded from previous month, prices increase
in ready-to-job site equipment in good and general conditions.
No significant change in price and no sign of decline in demands.

Mini Cranes and rough terrain crane prices are still strong in all equipment sizes.
This reflected strong demand for this type of equipment in the market.

Farm Tractors shows no significant price change.
This reflects constant demand for the this type of equipment in the market.

Forklifts in general prices declined by 10-20% especially for size 1-1.5 ton,
which prices declined significantly.
This is due to season and higher supply for this type of equipment in auction market.
Equipment in good conditions and new equipment prices declined slightly,
reflecting stable demands in the market, especially for low mast long fork types.

Earth moving machines such as Motor Graders , Roller Compactors and Bulldozers
prices declined significantly due to rain seasons.

There is stable high demand for equipment in miscellaneous category,
such as Mixer Tank, Mini Crane, Generator, Air Compressor, agricultural equipment,
spare parts and other general equipment etc.

[This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only which may differ from the general market]