JSSR Auction Summary: MAY 2018

Steady and decline

Auction market trending low from sluggish heavy machinery market
Weak demand in this month as buyers are more picky,
causing seller to consign to better overseas markets such as China, Philippines and Vietnam
This will affect auction market in Thailand badly with less machines for auction and
condition of machines are not great
Agricultural machine price steady because of planting season but demands for accessories and spare parts continues to decline

Despite various government interventions, there is not no good effect on the lower market
Competition from new machines having special sales terms directly affect the used machines market which generally requires cash or high down-payment
This pushes buyers to look for new machines with no down payment and more favourable credit terms\


May 2018 auction price compared to April 2018′

All product prices down 10-15% in every category
Good opportunity for business owners who held onto their cash to start investing
Hope for recover depends on government projects
If there are more contracts to wrap up project timeline, there would be more movement in the market

  • Excavators 1 – 2.5 ton prices declined
  • Excavators 3 – 5 ton prices declined
  • Excavators 6 – 12 ton prices declined
  • Electrical forklifts and engines size 1.6 ton prices declined
  • Wheel Loaders prices steady after previous declines
  • Farming tractors and agricultural machines no significant price change
  • Industrial, civil and construction miscellaneous equipment overall prices declined


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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