JSSR Auction Summary: APRIL 2018

More demands for agricultural and transportation machines
Less demands for civil and construction machines,
especially for excavators, rollers and wheel loaders
All see prices declined significantly with long holiday in this month
Overall market sentiment is redundant as focus is on big projects than increasing construction projects as a whole
Big projects generally acquires new machines than used machines causing the current sluggish market

April 2018 prices compared to March 2018’s 

  • Excavator 1 – 2.5 ton price decrease
  • Excavator 3 – 5 ton price decrease
  • Excavators 6-12 ton price decrease
  • Electric forklift and engines size 1 – 6 ton price no significant change
  • Wheel Loaders all size continue to decrease
  • Farming tractor and agricultural equipment no significant price change
  • Industrial, civil and construction miscellaneous equipment overall prices declined

We maintain positive outlook if government speeds up on project spending


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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