JSSR Auction Summary: MARCH 2018

This month coincide with Japan’s auction season resulting in lower supply to auction
Meanwhile, auction participants increase with market demands
The cost of repairs and refurbishing machines became more expensive,
due to more expensive spare parts and the lacking of capable workforce in this field
This makes it difficult to control budget on investment (COGs)
and pushes buyer demands for good condition and ready-for-use machines and vice-versa
Consumer confidence in the industry declined,
as business owners wary of the trade war between the USA and China
which causes trade uncertainty and reflected badly on the overall production, finance and investment
Overall, watch how China reacts to Trump’s trade policies
Thailand is still hopeful on the government projects to proceed is planned
which should add some more vigour to the machinery industry


March 2018 prices as compared to February 2018’s prices

  • Excavators size 1 – 2.5 ton price steady with no change
  • Excavators size 3 – 5 ton price steady for ready-for-use machines
  • Excavators size 6-12 ton price no change, better price for good condition machines
  • Electric forklifts and engines 1 – 6 ton no change, poor condition machine performs worst
  • Wheel Loaders prices decrease, machine is less popular
  • Farming tractor and other agricultural machines price no significant change
  • Industrial and civil machines prices improves


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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