Auction Summary: FEBRUARY 2018

Buyer power improves as predicted with higher investment from government and private sectors
Consumer Confidence index improves, synonymous with improvement in agricultural and industrial prices
Prices for industrial and civil machines improves
This trends will sustain with continuous investment according to government plans
If without complications, it is expected that this will be a golden year for trading new and used machines
Bright demands from neighbouring countries in various construction machines category
Our research enables more machines supplies for auction
China’s ONE ROAD ONE BELT project especially pushing demands for machines in this region
We have significant more trading partners


February 2018 prices compared to January 2018’s prices

  • Excavators size 1-2.5 ton price steady, slight improvement
  • Excavators sizie 3 – 5 ton price no change, better price for read-for-use machines
  • Excavators size 6-12 ton price no chane, better price for read-for-use machines
  • Forklifts and engines size 1-13 ton price decrease in less popular models, no change in price for popular models
  • Wheel Loaders price decrease in less popular models
  • Farming tractors and agricultural products price declined in poor condition and not-ready-for-use machines, no price change for ready-for-use machines and popular models
  • Industrial and construction machines and miscellaneous overall price declined, especially for electric and wind generators, likely from poor condition of products

We maintain positive outlook for the rest for this year for machinery trading market


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction only and may differ from the general market)
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