Auction Summary: JANUARY 2018

Bright prospects for the New Year with investments in construction projects from government and private sector
Demands from neighbouring countries is positive with more interests in various product category
Roadshows boost awareness and responsiveness with cross-borders customers
There will be more variety of products in auction from new international partners
This is good opportunity with a variety of products to choose from to invest

January 2018 Auction price company to December’s 2017

  • Excavators size 1 – 2.5 ton prices steady, not less than previous month
  • Excavators size 3 – 5 ton price no change, higher demand for good condition machines
  • Excavators size 6-12 ton price no change, higher demand for read-for-use machines
  • Electric Forklifts and Engines size 1.0 – 13 ton price increase in some popular model because of more supply in auction market
  • Wheel Loaders no significant price change
  • Farming tractors and agricultural machines overall prices declined from less popular models
  • Manufacturing, construction and industrial machines prices improved from previous month

We have a positive outlook for this year economic recovery

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction only and may differ from the general market)
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