Auction Summary: DECEMBER 2017

The final month’s auction still saw weak buying power, but no. of bidders increased both locally and from neighboring countries. This may be due to the variety of products as well as the increase in no. of machine in agricultural sector. Steady demand for machine with ready-to –use condition and prices continue to decline for machine that needs repair. In Boat (with engine) category, prices adjusted down depending on the unit’s condition. Tools and spare parts prices also dropped as the market has not responded as it should. This may be a good opportunity for traders to stock up for later profits while the auction price is lower than the general market price.


General observation of December Auction results compared to November’s

  • Excavator 1-2.5 tons prices continue to fall
  • Excavator 3-5 tons prices fall for the 2nd consecutive month
  • Excavator 6-12 tons prices show no significant change
  • Forklifts of all sizes: Prices continue to adjust down due to large supply in the auction market
  • Wheel loader prices continue to fall
  • Farming tractors and agricultural tools prices adjusted down
  • Factory machine and construction miscellaneous prices also adjusted down


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction only and may differ from the general market)
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