Auction Summary: OCTOBER 2017

October auction prices still low and fluctuate
Auction market still not very responsive as expected pending private sector projects budgets
Government projects still pushing demands for machinery in various sectors
New buyer increased about 50% as JSSR continues our marketing efforts
Business owners have more interests in auction business
Current unfavourable economics depressed auction prices
Auction buyers and sellers understand economic pattern and still give positive response
Free market mechanism encourages traders to make economic adjustment for their interests
Regardless, Thai government continues to push infrastructure projects
and opportunity for higher demands for manufacturing machines


October’s prices compared to September prices

  • Excavator 1-5 ton no significant change in price
  • Excavator 6-12 ton prices down slightly
  • Electric forklift and engines 1.5 -5.0 ton prices down slightly from more supply
  • Loaders no significant price change
  • Farming tractors and agricultural equipment prices stable, no significant price change
  • Factory, industrial and miscellaneous items prices stable from previous decline


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction only and may differ from the general market.)
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