Auction Summary: SEPTEMBER 2017

September auction is not bad, likely from less machine supply
Auction see 50% new buyer and 50% existing buyer
This show there are more incoming demands

Auction prices decline slightly compare to previous month
We expect this is the lowest point of this year
Market demand still rely on government infrastructure projects
Many projects have been officially approved
This should provide a kick to many businesses
Agricultural product prices are also trending positive
This should improve demand for agricultural machines and overall machinery trade

September’s prices compared to August prices

  • Excavator 1-5 ton prices down slightly
  • Excavator 6-12 ton prices down slightly
  • Electric forklift and engines 1.5-5.0 ton prices down slightly
  • Wheel loaders prices continue treading low
  • Farming tractors and agricultural machines prices down slightly
  • Crane prices down significantly
  • Civil machinery such as compactor and rollers prices continue treading low
  • Industrial and construction tools and miscellaneous items prices stable

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction only and may differ from the general market.)
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