Auction Summary: AUGUST 2017

August auction prices steady aside from seasonal decline which has hit bottom
Dealers began stocking inventory, but number of auction items still not recovering
Despite weak prices, this is normal phenomenon for low season in Thailand
However, sellers continue to deliver product that has market demands

According to observation, agricultural equipment prices are not bad
Heavy construction equipment prices still trending low with no sign of recovery
Truck spare parts and other accessories are also trending low
We suggest this is a good opportunity to stock up selections of online and offline inventory
Outstanding inventory should be sold quickly in auction that has a variety of traders
and different options for trade channels, better to maintain liquidity than dead stock

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August’s auction results as compared to July’s

  • Excavator 1-5 ton prices steablizing from previous decline
  • Excavators 6-12 ton prices steablizing from previous decline
  • Electronic Forklifts and engines 1.5-5ton prices steablizing from previous decline
  • Wheel Loaders prices continue to decline
  • Farming Tractors and agricultural equipment prices steablizing from previous decline
  • Cranes prices continue to fall significantly
  • Civil equipment such as Rollers prices continue to decline
  • Inductrial equipment and other construction tools prices continue to decline

Notice ;Government infrstructure projects have been futher delayed, significantly affecting equipment sale

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction only and may differ from the general market.)
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