JSSR Auction Summary: MAY 2017

Rainy season has started this month and demand for machinery is reduced during this season.
This resulted in lesser number of auction items.
Average price of used machinery, especially in the construction category, such as rollers, motor graders, wheel loaders, excavators and rough terrain cranes, also drop as compared to previous month which was the time to accelerate some work to finish up before the rainy season.

Products in the travel and sport category such as Jet Ski and boat also saw prices fell seasonally.
Unused hand tool’s prices have not changes significantly even though it is a low season. This may be due to prices already being low in the previous months.

Used machinery, such as forklifts, agricultural machinery, man lifts, truck mounted cranes, water tanks, air compressors, welding machines, generators, water pumps, showed no significant change in price. Except mixer drums, spare parts and engines which saw prices fell significantly.
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May auction result as compared to April’s

–   1 -4 tons excavators’ prices adjusted down 5—10%, depending on the brand/model and condition of the machine.
–   5 – 12 tons excavators’ prices adjusted down 5-10% for popular models and more than 15% for the unpopular models.
–   1.5 – 3.0 tons forklifts’ prices down.
–   Wheel loaders’ prices decreased significantly. This may be due to high competition from the new machine market which directly affects the market for used wheel loader.
–   Prices decreased slightly for farming tractors and agricultural tools. However, there’s still positive market demand as the price of agricultural products is better than last year.
–   Cranes’ prices significantly dropped which may be due to less crane jobs at the moment.
–   Prices dropped for civil work equipment such as rollers, motor graders.  This may be due to the condition of the machine and rainy season.
–   Factory and other miscellaneous equipment’s prices showed no significant change.

Note:  Delay of many construction projects is starting to negatively affect prices of used machinery

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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