JSSR Auction Summary: APRIL 2017

Improved market confidence saw increased in number of auction items
Overall auction prices are still difficult to forecast
However, with the recovery of the price of agricultural products,
the demand for machinery increased in Thailand and neighboring countries
This is a good opportunity to liquidate dead stocks as auction prices may still improve
Japanese machines has demands from China
Therefore, new machinery in good conditions may have high prices

We expect auction prices to improve for machinery from outside of Japan
as there are demands to replenish the current supply
as Thailand’s economy still depends on various infrastructure projects
which demand good condition and ready-for-use machines

Generally demands are still good for civil machines in ready-to-use condition
Machines that requires refurbishment constantly has low demand
We recommends sellers to recondition machines to ready-to-use condition for better prices
When selling machines in as-is condition, becareful of inventory turnover
Selling for less is better than not selling at all
to sucure stocks liquidity and reduce risk of accumulating dead stocks
Diversity will also disperse risks

April auction results as compared to March‘s

– Excavator size 1-4 ton no significant price change

– Excavator size 5-12 ton better prices for ready-to-use condition

– Electric forklift and engines 1.5 -3.0 ton prices improved

– Wheel loader various sizes no significant price change

– Farm tractors and agricultureal machines prices declined

– Cranes no significant price change

– Civil machineries prices down from machine condition

– Factory tools and equipment & miscellaneous items no significant price change


Note: Delayed government projects may affect auction prices in short term


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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