JSSR Auction Summary: FEBRUARY 2017

The number of auction items this month decreased which may be due to the oversea consignors choosing to sell directly, rather than consign for auction, since it is a good sale season for overseas markets.

This month’s auction prices have not change significantly but the demand for used machinery in Thailand and neighbouring countries is still high, resulting in robust trading in the main markets in Japan which our company also participated in the auction in Japan.

The auction price remained stable as demand increases. Our company expects more interests for consigning machine for auction in the next coming months following increase in construction works.
The government is also accelerating projects that are under bidding process which will bring higher demands for machinery.


February auction results as compared to January’s

–   1 – 4t excavator prices showed no significant change.

–   5 -12t excavator prices adjusted up because of lesser units but more demand.

–   1.5 -3.0t forklift prices adjusted down slightly.

–   Wheel loader prices showed no significant change but some models’ prices decreased according to machine conditions.

–   Farming tractors and agricultural tools’ prices dropped, but trending to adjust up based on market prices for agricultural products.

–   Crane’s prices adjusted down

–   Civil work equipment’s prices showed no significant change, but prices decreased for all rollers.

–   Miscellaneous items’ prices dropped, but still showing demands for items such as water pump, generator, and compressor. As for truck parts’ prices continued to decrease.


Our company is confident in the market’s needs and sees a good year for used machinery market which may result in price increase for all machinery in good and ready to work condition.

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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