JSSR Auction Summary: OCTOBER 2016

General prices for this month auction is stable and relative unchanged despite decline in number of buyers.Buyers number decline from less item in auction due to late shipping. Equipment demands decline from falling prices of agricultural products.

Most demands are in civil equipment such as Rollers, Cranes, Excavators both domestic and international. Although this is end of monsoon season, heavy rain is still prevalent and are obstructing construction works.Causing lower demand for construction equipment.

Agricultural equipment auction prices are lower than expected compare to estimated average
The averages are derived from average numbers of equipment send to auction
Decline in prices of agricultural products caused decline in equipment demands

We expect prices for agricultural products and demand for equipment to improve soon

There are still steady demands from domestic and international buyers for ready-to-use equipment.
This reflect prices of ready-to-use equipment are still within normal range. Except prices of Wheel Loaders still lower than estimates.

October auction result as compared to September’s

– Forklift prices improve for ready to use conditions

– Electric Forklifts and Engines prices no significant change

– Wheel Loaders prices continues to decline, demands lower than estimates

– Farming Tractors and Farming equipment prices continue to decline but smaller decline than the previous months

– Cranes prices begin to stabilize after significant decline, without prospect of improvement in the near future

– Civil equipment such as Rollers, Graders, Bulldozers prices no significant change. Constant demand especially for Sakai brand

– Miscellaneous items prices seasonal decline

– Truck Spare Parts and Accessories prices continue to decline

– Air pump and generator no significant change but prices likely to improve

– Factory equipment prices decrease significantly from higher amount of outdated machineries
We expect continuously active business for construction equipment.


(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)

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