JSSR Auction Summary: SEPTEMBER 2016

September auctions showed weak demand from both domestic and international buyers.

Monsoon season heavy thunderstorms dampened trading activities. Recovery is expected in the following auction events as prices remain resistance, especially for the always in demand ready-for-use equipment.

Agricultural equipment continue downward trend as prices for agricultural products remain unfavourable.

Civil equipment still have constant demands, trending positive from increasing government investment in utility infrastructures.


September auction result as compared to August’s

– Excavators prices down 10-15%

– Electric Forklifts and engines prices down consecutively for the fourth month
from slow recovery in manufacturing and export sectors

– Wheel loaders prices down significantly from estimates, reflect poor demands for this type of equipment

– Farming tractors and agricultural machines prices down consecutively for the third month despite recent slight recovery

– Cranes prices down significantly. Golden opportunity for buyers

– Civil equipment and machineries prices no significant change, sustainable demand for some brands

– Miscellaneous down in every category from overall weak demand in monsoon season


We have high hope for recovery in demands for equipment from recent government push to begin spending budgets on planned infrastructure projects.

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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