JSSR Auction Summary: AUGUST 2016

Clearer outlook politic after the referendum in Early August has positive impact on the decision to accelerate investment from the private sector in projects that the government is pushing according to the plan laid out sequentially. Many projects are expected to commence before the year end. This could help to increase demands and chances for the price of heavy machinery to recover and become more stable towards the end of the year.


August auction result as compared to July’s

–   Prices of excavators (of different sizes) showed no significant change

–   Prices of forklifts adjusted down for the third consecutive month. This could be due to lesser activity from manufacturing industry and export.

–   Prices of wheel loaders (of different sizes) continued to decline.

–   Prices of farming tractors and agricultural tools adjusted down.

–   Prices of cranes decreased significantly in this season

–   Civil equipment prices decreased, but still seeing some market demands.

–   Miscellaneous items prices dropped in almost all categories which might be due to the season.


Our company still has positive outlook for the recovery of domestic demands for heavy machinery.

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only and may differ from the general market)
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