3 easy rules to remember for safe auction

Public auction is a learning space and a channel for risk hedging

JSSR Auction encourage all our customers to learn to use auction as a tool to create more sustainable businesses. Auction rules, terms and conditions are publicly available information on our website . Here are the 3 most basic to-dos to keep in mind.

3 easy steps to remember for safe auction

1. Study rules and regulations before buying

  • Study auction rules and regulations
  • Submit correct documents (for invoice)
  • Payment within 7 working days after end of auction event
  • Transport item out of auction yard within 14 working days after end of auction event
  • No tipping & use appropriate channels provided for feedback and complains
  • We have no policy to send documents that are not related to advertising through social media e.g. LINE or Facebook. Be cautious when you received any documents or messages through social media

2. Inspect & Check prices on internet or past auction results

  • Auction items are used or unused items, they are not new and not guarantee conditions. Therfore, always check items by yourself to make sure about what you are buying.
  • You can ask for help from our mechanics or bring someone you know to help with inspection
  • Check specs and market price online or from past auction results
    • Use simple assumptions such as better price = better quality or compare with similar models

3. Maintain appropriate social conducts during auctions

  • Conduct yourself respectably, be polite to others
  • Do not disturb other bidders during buying or inspection
  • Be careful when inspecting auction items, care for safety of youself and auction item
  • Do not vandalise auction item and always dispose rubbish in bins provided


How do you know auction is credible

  1. Terms and conditions clear and easily available
  2. Rules and regulations are stricly practice
  3. All documents are correct and all fees declare
  4. Auction items transport from yard to buyer within 14 days after auction event
  5. Observable records of past auctions
  6. Testimonials and reviews from our customers