JSSR Auction Summary: APRIL 2016

Number of auction items and number of bidders in April Auction increase as compared to March’s.
However, the overall price declined. This may be because the general economic conditions have not improved.
This reflects the uncertainty of project delays, causing short-term lack of confidence.

Number of international bidders increased this month from countries such as Philippine, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.
Thus, increasing the proportion of export items, especially the products in UNUSED category,
hich in turn result in higher number of consigned items, increasing trader opportunity.


April Auction result as compares to March’s

Excavator’s prices adjusted down slightly, but no significant change.

Forklift’s prices declined slightly.

Wheel loader’s prices declined for the 4th consecutive months.

Farming tractors and agricultural tools prices continue to decline but is expected to improve as nearing to growing season.

Cranes of different sizes the price adjusted down significantly and may continue to decline if the start of mega projects are delay.

Civil work equipment’s prices show no significant change such as rollers, new model excavators and unused labour-saving tools & equipment.

Diesel engines, spare parts and other equipment such as generators, air compressors, welders, man lifts, etc.
still showing good demands as prices are stable. Trucks and truck cabins’ prices decreased significantly.


Our company is still confident in the Government measures that are being implemented to improve the overall economy.

(This analysis is for JSSR Auction results only which may differ from the general market)
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